posted March 27, 2017 at

New page, new week! Rosita sure has a way with people.

I finally feel like I am back on track after all the planning and prepping of the larp I went to. For instance, I have now uploaded a new vote incentive image! :) This time it's an old sketch of Rosita!

I have also uploaded some new art in the extras gallery! I got some lovely fan art from Cantcomeupwithaname. Here's one of Lorentz and there is also one of Gregg - so you should head over there and take a look. :)

Until next week, my friends!


January 26, 2017 at

Thought I'd share something personal here! For November, I took part of a challenge called the Art Soundoff Challenge! It's a challenge where you record a 5-10 minute long audio log every day, about your creative process. Sometimes on specific topics and sometimes just about your day. :) I took part of this challenge to get a bit more confident in talking about what I do, and also to practise my English.

So if you are interested in hearing me talk about making The Din and other kinds of art, it's been uploaded on youtube!

Here's the final week of the recordings! The other weeks are up in my blog archive.
This week was about inspiration for The Din, what comes after The Din, if I had to replace comics with something else and some subject taken from the challenge's website. :) Enjoy!

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