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Nice teeth, Frank!

Here's an other friendly reminder to update your rss-feed to this one if you follow The Din through a rss-client! That way you will both get the comic page updates and the blog posts/announcements. :)

Last week's blog post was about me looking for Guest Comics again! Having Guest Comics was really popular last year, so even though I've got a decent amount of buffer pages I will run a few Guest Comics again in October this year! If you are interested in submitting a Guest Comic - read this blog post

This week's topwebcomics vote incentive is a sketch of Lorentz from 2015! Thanks for voting!

See you all next week, my friends!

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Hello everyone! It's this time of the year again! If you are a fellow artist, read this!

A year ago I accepted guest comics to allow me some time to visit NYCC. The guest comics were really appreciated and I got some lovely content to post while I was gone. You can actually see last year's guest comics over at the Extras section!

Even though I have a pretty decent page buffer right now, I am actually looking for guest comics this year too! :) This time to post between Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. It's going to be like a short chapter break with awesome guest content!

So how does it work? You create one or more Guest Comic pages for The Din and I will post them on the main site, starting sometime in the middle of October. Each page will be up for about half a week!

Here's some main points to keep track of:

  • Deadline is 30:th of September 2016!
  • Content needs to be related to The Din's story or/and characters in some way!
  • Any format is allowed! But just FYI I work in 4124 x 5953, sized down to 800 x 1155
  • Any art style is welcome!
  • You are welcome to include your own characters!
  • After the pages have been posted, they will be archived in the Extras section!
  • A link to your webcomic/website will be on the main page along with your Guest Comic!
  • Send the Guest Comic page, desired link URL and eventual link image to

I wish I could pay you for making a Guest Comic, but right now a link back to your site is what I am able to offer.

Depending on the number of Guest Comics I get, I might spread the posting out a bit. I don't want to put the main story on hold too much! If I get more content than I'll be able to post in October, I will post the rest later after about 6 main-story pages.

Just a headsup: If your Guest Comic involves content that I don't feel comfortable posting on the main site, I might post it separately with a thumbnail on the main page. It's pretty much the same way I handle some of the more explicit content in the comic. :)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Have fun~

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