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Today's guest content is by the lovely and awesome Chopythes

This is such a sweet art piece of Eva Vanescape! I was so excited when I got to see the WIP on twitter and have been staring at it once in a while since. Such a nice surprise! I just love the pose and attitude. :) Absolutely wonderful coloring style, too! 

Nelly is a fellow Swedish comic artist who makes a lovely webcomic called Beyond The Ordinary!
 You can read it over at Tapastic! 




Make sure to check it out, ok? :)

Here's the schedule for the guest comics, if you are curious! See you on Friday! 

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The Din is is currently on a short break from normal updates and will be full of awesome guest content the next few weeks.

There will be two guest content updates a week during this time, and I will also update with some of my own content over at the blog.

Chapter 3 will start on the 14th of November!

October 26, 2016 at

I am posting some lovely guest content during the Chapter break but I thought I'd post some of my own content as well!

In October a lot of artists participate in the Inktober Challenge. It means you have to make an inked drawing every day throughout the month. Some people do it once every other day or once a week too. I thought I'd take on the challenge since I feel like I need to step out of my comfort zone, draw more traditionally and also let myself draw other things than the comic to evolve as an artist. :) I also tried to use the official theme list for the challenge!

Here's the first part of the challenge! The choice of characters is a mix of The Din, D&D, Critical Role and my friends' characters!


WARNING: Some of these contain blood


01 - Dalle - Fast (D&D/ Dudezillas)


02 - Percy - Noisy (Critical Role)


03 - Akane - Collect (Grassblades)


04 - Rosita - Hungry (The Din)


05 - Violet - Sad (D&D/ Dudezillas)


06 - Vex'ahlia - Hidden (Critical Role)


07 - Nina - Lost (Agnes Mikucka's character)


08 - Clairence - Rock (The Din)


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